IaaS Public Clouds and the Perceived Security Threat

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Present concerns about cloud security are reminiscent of the fears in the 1980s of LANs and a highly distributed IT infrastructure, and they also echo the efforts in the 1990s to stop Internet usage at work. But the issue really isn't security; it's governance to ensure interoperability and portability. We will review these concerns and discuss how the industry dealt with them, and then explore how these same concerns can be mitigated with a proper cloud strategy.

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Vulnerability Management for Dummies

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As someone responsible for network security within your organization, you need to understand how to prevent attacks and eliminate network weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk.

Vulnerability Management for Dummies arms you with the facts and shows you how to implement a successful Vulnerability Management program. Whether your network consists of just a handful of computers or thousands of servers distributed around the world, this 5-part book will help:

  • Explain the critical need for Vulnerability Management (VM)

  • Detail the essential best-practice steps of a successful VM Program

  • Outline the various VM Solutions - including the pros & cons of each

  • Highlight the award-winning QualysGuard VM solution

  • Provide a 10-point checklist for removing vulnerabilities from your key resources

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Space Weather Outlook September 01, 2014 at 03:08AM

Official Space Weather Advisory issued by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Boulder, Colorado, USA SPACE WEATHER ADVISORY OUTLOOK #14-35 2014 September 1 at 12:56 a.m. MDT (2014 September 1 0656 UTC) **** SPACE WEATHER OUTLOOK **** Summary For August 25-31 Category R1 (Minor) radio blackouts occurred on 25 August due to solar flare activity from active sunspot Region 2146. Category G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storming occurred on 28-29 August due to a combination of coronal hole high speed stream and coronal mass ejection effects. Outlook For September 1-7 A slight chance exists for a category R1 (Minor) radio blackout for the forecast period (Sep 01-07). Data used to provide space weather services are contributed by NOAA, USAF, NASA, NSF, USGS, the International Space Environment Services and other observatories, universities, and institutions. More information is available at SWPC's Web site http://swpc.noaa.gov Thank you for using the Product Subscription Service. If you would like to remove a product subscription or update the personal information in your account, go to the Product Subscription Site. Please do not use the from address for correspondence, as it is not monitored. For comments or help, please contact SWPC Help.