Below are valuable resources for any computer security professional

Complimentary Industry Resources

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Secure Firefox

Caffeine Security Secure Firefox - A Firefox Add-on which secures Firefox according to Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) guidelines.

Malware Analysis

ThreatExpert - Automated analysis of suspected Malware.
VirusTotal - Anti-Virus detection using multiple virus scanners with one easy upload
SecurityFocus Vulnerability Database - A comprehensive database of known vulnerabilities, with the ability to lookup vulnerabilities based upon Vendor, Software, and Version. - Online decompilation of Linux and Java programs
REC Decompiler - A VERY useful decompiler which supports Mac, Windows and Linux
Sysinternals RookitRevealer - Helps to detect unknown, hidden rootkits
UnPHP - Web Based PHP De-obfuscation Tool


Glastopf - A Web Honeypot
Kippo - A SSH Honeypot
WinHoneyd - A Windows Honeypot
Project Honeypot - A spammer honeypot
HoneyDocs - Documents for seeding your honeypots, track who's accessing them!

IP and Domain Analysis - Online IP/DNS lookup and trace tool