If Anonymous is to Survive They Must Remove the Mask

Over the past couple years Anonymous has gone from a group of pranksters "doing it for the lulz" to a massive global collective of political activists and "hacktivists".

But there's trouble brewing for Anonymous.  As a group with "no membership roster" and no criteria for joining they have opened themselves up to infiltration. The flaw which will be Anonymous' downfall is that "anyone can be Anonymous."

Infiltration by who you might ask? For one...law enforcement agencies.  The best example of recent infiltration would be the cooperation of "Sabu" with the FBI.  His cooperation resulted in the arrest of multiple Anonymous members and should have served as a wakeup call to the rest of the group that they must reform or die.

But infiltration by law enforcement should be the least of Anonymous' worries.  It is beginning to come to light that Anonymous may be unwitting mules for terrorist organizations.  And let's not forget that the Mexican drug cartel "Zetas" were recently burned by Anonymous and swore revenge.  Anonymous members who had nothing to do with the confrontation with the Zetas may be subject to infiltration and revenge by the Zetas as "guilt by association."  Unlike law enforcement the Zetas don't really care about due process or burden of proof...and will simply snatch someone in the middle of the night and kill them.

So this is a message to any Anonymous members who will listen - if you want to survive you need to remove the mask.  Otherwise you will be led to your doom like lambs to the slaughter.  There are already leadership structures within Anonymous - everyone knows this.  Drop the Anonymous mask completely.  Start keeping membership rolls - and purge yourselves of the undesirables - especially terrorist organization members.  And finally - if you really want to make a difference stop the illegal activities, such as hacking or denial of service attacks.  You'll gain a lot more credibility if you start performing your political activism legally instead of through illegal means.

You can either be labeled as criminals, or heroes.  But not both.