Anonymous OpIsrael - Prelude to a Hamas Attack?

On April 7th Anonymous plans to disable the Israel government's Internet capabilities through a massive hacking/denial of service attack.

It has been long suspected that Hamas has a great influence inside Anonymous.  Th3j35t3r and others, including myself, have repeatedly warned that Anonymous has been infiltrated by terror organizations - and #OpIsrael may be Hamas' way of disabling Internet communications of the Israel government prior to an attack.

Today I performed some analysis using Recorded Future with some interesting results.  In November 2012 there was significant activity by Anonymous and Hamas against Israel.  However, even more interesting is that Hamas activity decreased during several days which Anonymous began to carry out cyber attacks.

According to Recorded Future Anonymous' attacks on April 7 are only a few days before planned Hamas activity in Israel.  At the very least, these two events are extremely interesting coincidences.

You can view my analysis at Recorded Future.

However, the rabbit hole goes a little deeper.  I've recently uncovered an #OpIsrael related image which has suspected embedded steganography.

The original image is available on Twitter.  The image provided a 1 star hit for containing hidden data using jphide.  I will be attempting to crack it - but if anyone else would like to give it a try that would be great.

If you look closely at the image you will find that there is a thin white strip on the side of the photo - making the photo 599 pixels wide and 597 pixels tall.  Kind of an odd size for an image.  Looking back at my original steganography post you will see that the suspected steganography image was an unusual size as well...with one extra row of pixels added.

Is any of this condemning proof that Anonymous is being controlled by Hamas?  No - but it's all very interesting when you take a step back and look at the big picture.

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