Coming Changes and Improvements to Caffeine Security Blog

Over the past year I've gathered a lot of logs and malware information from my honeypot. The biggest challenge has always been - what to do with the information once I gather it.

I've recently started sharing the more significant events through ThreatConnect, but really feel some of this data should be shared with a wider audience.

I'm thinking of implementing a couple things:

  • Tracking of threat indicators through my Malware Analysis Google Code site's Wiki
  • Tracking of threat attack patterns through Google Calendar
  • ...?

Something else I'm considering is building a "Linux Rescue Disk" for analysis and remediation of malware infected Windows systems. All included software would be 100% open source. Not only would I build this for my own use, but I'd also make an ISO available free of charge.  I know there are distros out there already aimed at doing this, but I'm really considering making my own Caffeine Security branded distro.

Do you have any recommendations on additional methods of using the data I've collected? Or recommendations for my Linux rescue disk? If so I'd love to hear from you.  You can comment below or email me CaffSecBlog <at> Gmail <dot> com

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