A Confession to my Twitter Users - And Thank You

I have a confession to all my Twitter users.  I've been using you all.

On my Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/CaffSec) you will see automated posts of news and new exploit code from Pastebin.  These automated posts are generated using RSS feeds and Dlvr.it.

Truth is, I don't have time to read all of those articles and exploits I'm posting. Instead, I've successfully crowdsourced my security news - I read what you reply to, favorite, and retweet. After all, if you found it interesting and worth reading, I should probably read it as well.

As I approach 2,000 followers on Twitter, I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who follow me.  You help me more than you know.  Thanks to you all, I know what stories are important to read.

It's taken two years to get here, and I've gone a long way from my original 5 Twitter followers.  Best of all, I've even gotten back in touch with a few old friends, and made some new ones in the process.

So to each and every one of my Twitter followers, thank you for following me and interacting with my tweets!

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