#ALERT: As Tensions Escalate with Syria, Beware Phishing Attacks

As tensions escalate with Syria, it is highly probable that phishing attacks will begin accompanying real news articles.

A common tactic used by malware writers and phishing senders is to exploit recent news to get you to download their malicious files.  This could be through a well crafted email with an embedded link, or infected attachment, claiming to be a real news article.

The most important step you can take is to be vigilant, and don't click on links within emails, even if they appear to original from friends. A common tactic now used by scammers and phishers is to compromise someone's email account, then use that email account to send messages to the person's contacts.

Also, don't expect this to just be through email.  Many spammers and phishers are now using social media, including Facebook and Twitter messages.

Know the signs of targeted spear phishing. If you work for the government, or are employed by a government contractor, you will be a prime target.  Spearphishing directed towards you may appear very credible, and may even be sent to your work email address.

Stay Vigilant.

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