Target Customers' Credit Cards Now Available on Black Market

If you shopped at Target any time between November 27th and December 15th, cancel your card now. Target is giving very bad advice that you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions. Even if caught, fraudulent transactions could quickly become a complete nightmare, resulting in the inability to pay bills or buy groceries.

As an update to my post  Target Should Offer Free Credit Monitoring for Impacted Customers, customer credit cards have now been posted to the black market.

This is in complete contrast to statements previously made by Target claiming that there is no reason to cancel your credit cards.

Target is now claiming they will offer free credit monitoring services for everyone affected. If you shopped at Target during this time period with your credit or bank card, you should hold them to their word on this.

Target is also offering a 10% discount to customers who shop on the 20th and 21st. Personally I think this is a slap in the face to their customers, and many will have a hard time shopping and they probably won't have a credit card anymore, since they should cancel their card and have the bank issue a new one.

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