Non-Profit "Securing The Net" to Provide Free Network Security for Small Businesses

Florida based Non-Profit Securing The Net is running a donation campaign to help provide free network security to small businesses.

According to the website:
This project is taking a non-profit approach to fixing security issues of small businesses by offering free support to secure their websites that would otherwise remain insecure due to budgets or inexperience to do it themselves.
There are two parts to the campaign. First and foremost, the non-profit will offer to secure the networks of small businesses at no charge. By doing so, the data of the consumers held by the small business will be kept safe.

The second part of the campaign involves deployment of multiple honeypots in an effort to track the attackers who would prey on small businesses.

As of this post, Securing The Net had recieved $270.00 of their initial $100,000 fundraising goal.

If you'd like to donate to Securing The Net, visit their WePay Donation Page.

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