2015 Mobile Threat Report

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The research illustrates that in 2014, nearly one million (931,620) unique malicious applications were produced, or rather a 391 percent increase from 2013 alone. Android devices continue to be the main target of malware and was 97 percent of all mobile malware developed.

Additional key findings from the report include:
  • The ability to take profit from an end user with SMS premium services or ad networks is a capability of each of the top 10 malware threats identified in 2014.
  • The overwhelming majority of Android malware is being developed and distributed in unregulated third party app stores in the Middle East and Asia.
  • There were four iOS targeted attacks in 2014 and most targeted jailbroken devices. However, WireLurker is the first example of a non-jailbroken iOS device being infected by tethering to an infected Mac device.
The Pulse Secure Mobile Threat Center conducts around-the-clock security, vulnerability and malware research on mobile device platforms. The Mobile Threat Report analyzes attacks, threat vectors and the common misuses of mobile devices that have led to a significant risk spike in mobile devices.

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