Maximizing Security, Uptime and Productivity in Today's Growing Cloud Based Infrastructure

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Expanding numbers of SMBs are now relying on the cloud for communication and other mission-critical services. However, many are not taking the steps necessary to properly secure the connection to their cloud providers or to make these connections redundant and reliable.

In the past, an Internet outage or slowdown may have meant going without email for a short period of time. In today’s cloud-centric environment, this same outage could bring down VoIP phone calls, meetings utilizing collaboration, ERP, CRM, remote call center agents, webinars, access to critical business documents, email or any number of other applications and services that all rely on the cloud and internet access. The absence or interruption of any of these services could bring productivity (and business in general) to a grinding halt.

This whitepaper explores all the issues that need to be researched and addressed by the SMB that is relying on cloud services for mission-critical applications.

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