AWS Cloud Security Report for Risk & Security Professionals

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Key Takeaways

AWS Is Serious About Information Security

There has been too much hype about cloud security being different and inherently insecure. Cloud security is no different from other solutions we deploy. Security pros should apply the same security standards to cloud workloads applied to on-premises workloads.

In The AWS World, Security Is A Shared Responsibility

AWS is not going to secure your applications or software infrastructure for you. AWS’ responsibility stops at the abstraction point between its services and the applications you deploy. It’s up to security and risk pros to engineer the correct security atop AWS. AWS provides key security building blocks, but it’s still your responsibility.

AWS Demonstrates Strong Cloud Security Processes and Controls

AWS has a very comprehensive security program for its platform. AWS has foundational security controls for its services that enable customers to build secure applications. Where AWS does not have a solution, third parties are working to provide security technology as SaaS and virtual appliances for the AWS environment. 

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