Security for Virtualization: Getting the Balance Right

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Selecting the correct security solution for a specific virtual environment is not straightforward. This paper aims to provide guidance on identifying the right security approach for your virtual environment, achieved through the correct balance between security and performance. Because the 'correct balance' will be slightly different for every organization, there is no single definitive answer. But key to this balance lies primarily in the presence, and type, of security agent at the virtual endpoint; the balance between the ability to enable security functions at the endpoint and the amount of valuable processing space taken up in doing so.

We'll discuss three security approaches to virtual endpoint security, their effect on achieving the best ROI, and offer some advice on how to achieve the best performance versus security balance for your virtual, as well as physical and mobile environments. The three approaches are:
  • Agent-based
  • Agentless
  • Light Agent
Understanding these approaches, and their strengths and weaknesses, is essential to finding the right balance for you.

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