10 Telltale Signs of Fraud

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Fraudsters are Finding New Ways to Take What is Rightfully Yours

Card-not-present (CNP) fraud weighed heavily on merchants over the past year costing over $32 billion[1] - a 33% increase in lost revenue[2] - and that’s just half the burden. Many merchants are paying in more ways than just fraud losses; for every $100 in chargebacks merchants lose $308 in wasted time, fees, penalties and/or loss of goods and services. So what can merchants do to prevent future fraud losses?

Detect and Stop Fraud with These 10 Telltales Signs

Get Verifi’s latest article, “10 Telltale Signs of a Fraudulent Order: How to stop chargebacks before they stop you” and gain insight into the most popular techniques that fraudsters use today, so you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters before they impact your profits.

Topics covered in the article:

  • Forecasts for CNP fraud
  • Impacts of fraud on CNP merchants
  • 10 signs of a fraudulent order

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