The Data and Internet Security Guide, Vol 2 (FREE eBook!) Regularly $9.95

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This eBook takes computing security to the next level. It starts with a quick review of security basics and then delves into advanced topics such as encryption, password recovery, and malware removal – important knowledge for anyone who wants or needs to keep sensitive information truly secure.

The internet can be a dangerous place. We think this security book, based on stories from the Windows Secrets archives, can help you make it significantly safer.

Table of Contents

  • A basics refresher: the WS Security Baseline
  • Protect your data
    • Better data and boot security for Windows PCs
    • Are password managers truly safe?
    • Data-encryption alternatives to TrueCrypt
    • Pre-encryption makes cloud-based storage safer
    • Send email that only the recipient can read
    • How to reset lost passwords for Windows
  • Prevent and remove malware
    • Two tips for removing malware
    • Tweaking Windows to block CryptoLocker
    • Shedding some light on security-cert warnings
    • Mobile security: Apps to protect Android devices

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