Cyber Ransom Survival Guide: The Growing Threat of Ransomware and RDoS - and What to Do About It

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It's 9:30 in the morning. You've grabbed your morning coffee and caught up on email. Now you're settling in to read an article online. Suddenly, your machine freezes, and this message pops up: “You have been caught accessing inappropriate content and your device will remain locked unless you pay $$$$.”

Welcome to the world of cyber ransom—one of the fastest-growing security concerns around the globe.

Every day, ransom tactics are being used to target individuals and companies across industries around the world.

What can you do about cyber ransom? As with so many threats, knowledge is power. This eBook offers a concise overview of the topic—including the current threat landscape (with samples of actual letters and tweets), who's likely to be targeted (and why), the marketplace and tools fueling the trend and, perhaps most importantly, questions you need to ask and steps you need to take to safeguard your organization.

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