Insider Threats and Data Loss Prevention

One of the biggest challenges many organizations face is how to deal with the insider threat.

A common means of attempting to control insider threats is through Data Loss Prevention software.

Unfortunately, there is no one clearly superior method for implementing Data Loss Prevention.

I'm happy to offer to my readers a free research report on different Data Loss Prevention techniques from the Aberdeen Group.

The ideal approach to security and compliance is like the ideal referee: one that makes good calls and enforces the rules regarding safety and fair play, but generally doesn't get in the way of the people playing the game. In its fifth annual study on best practices in data loss prevention (DLP), Aberdeen analyzed and compared the results from more than 600 organizations which have adopted one of four distinct approaches to the operational use of DLP technologies. The best approach, in terms of balancing enterprise risk and reward, is like the children's fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: the bed we choose to lie in should be neither too soft (Do Nothing, Monitor / Notify), nor too hard (Stop / Go), but just right (Adapt / Protect).

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