See who's trying to hack your Facebook profile!

Many links claim to let you see who's "stalking" you on Facebook.  This link claims to let you see who's trying to HACK your Facebook profile!

Were you brought to this blog post by a shortened link on Facebook? Why did you click that?

Haven't we learned yet not to click on strange links?

After all these years, users are STILL being infected with malware and helping to propagate it by clicking on links they shouldn't. (And yes, that link is safe)

URL shorteners such as can be very conveniently used to hide malicious links.

Here's a little trick to help keep you safer.

There are actually URL "unshorteners" such as UnFwd4Me and which will reveal the true address of a shotened URL.

So, now that your security awareness has been raised, please, share this link with others by copying the text below, and help them raise their security awareness as well!  To be more effective, please turn the URL preview OFF.

See who's trying to hack your Facebook profile!

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