Guest Post: I Can Have Most of My Threat Research Tools in a Single Interface?

The following is a guest post submitted to Caffeine Security. The owner of Caffeine Security is not responsible for its content.  This post is being shared because I feel this has the potential to be a very informative webinar.  I previously attended a TrainACE "Hacker's Breakfast" which you can read about in a previous post.

The answer is “Yes”! Join Advanced Security by TrainACE in this FREE, hour long webinar covering a few aspects of Advanced Threat Intelligence. During this webinar, you’ll be part of a live demo analysis of suspected malicious URL.  Each malicious URL has the potential to completely cripple a company’s network infrastructure and it’s important that any string which looks suspicious be fully analyzed before it falls into the hands of an unsuspecting victim. Attendees will also be shown how to effectively complete the majority of threat research from a single interface. Compiling all data into one spot will make it more manageable and make analysis much more effective.  REGISTER HERE NOW; space is limited!

TrainACE is an IT Certification and cyber security training company. This is only one of many free hacking tutorials they provide to the public. They also host regular meet-ups and events to discuss the latest and greatest topics in cyber security. 

About the Author

This is a guest post from Megan Horner, Marketing Coordinator at TrainACE. TrainACE offers advanced cyber security training such as Mobile Hacking and Wireless Security. Follow TrainACE on Twitter @pentesttraining.

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