New Research Project: Project Ackbar (It's A Trap!)

Today I'm embarking on a new long-term project.

I am seeding social media sites with unique email addresses in the hopes of catching when a database has been compromised.

Each email address is being setup through Mailinator and the inboxes are being monitored through RSS feeds using IFTT.

When one of the email addresses gets an email, or a Google alert discovers the email address published on the web, I will receive an alert so that I can review and see if the email address has been compromised.

I'll update any hits as they come in.

So far I've registered special email addresses on the following websites.  This list will be updated as more are added.

Big Shout Out to Timber Wolfe from NeuStar, Inc. for inspiring me to start this project.  Timber was one of the presenters at TrainACE's Hacker's Breakfast event on 4/3/2013 and presented an excellent piece on Honey Pots, Honey Nets, and Honey Farms.

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