Do you test your Antivirus updates before deployment?

If your system uses Avira Antivirus, you probably won't be reading this post today.

According to ZDnet, an Avira Antivirus update today crippled millions of computer systems.

This isn't the first time an Antivirus update has crippled Windows systems.  Back in 2010 McAfee pushed out a DAT update which sent computers into endless reboot cycles.

What can you do to help protect your organization against these disasters?  It's simple...test your software updates.  Even antivirus definition updates can cause catastrophic failures across your enterprise...

And just in case something slips through the cracks...have a backup plan.  Are you prepared for a worst case scenario where every active computer system in your organization is unusable?  How do you keep your organization running?  How do you recover from something that widespread in a timely manner, and restore normal business functionality?  Keep these questions in mind, and as we always said in Boy Scouts..."Be Prepared."

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