Warning: CaffeineSecurity dotcom is not mine!

Just a warning to everyone, there was a recent registration of CaffeineSecurity.com

This site is NOT me.

The domain was registered by proxy, so it's hard to tell who might actually own it.

Domain registration info follows:

domain:                          caffeinesecurity.com
created:                         21-May-2012
last-changed:                    21-May-2012
registration-expiration:         21-May-2013

nserver:                         zoe.ns.cloudflare.com
nserver:                         dan.ns.cloudflare.com

status:                          CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED

registrant-firstname:            Oneandone
registrant-lastname:             Private Registration
registrant-organization:         1&1 Internet, Inc. - http://1and1.com/contact
registrant-street1:              701 Lee Road, Suite 300
registrant-street2:              ATTN: caffeinesecurity.com
registrant-pcode:                19087
registrant-state:                PA
registrant-city:                 Chesterbrook
registrant-ccode:                US
registrant-phone:                +1.8772064254
registrant-email:                (removed to prevent spam)

admin-c-firstname:               Oneandone
admin-c-lastname:                Private Registration
admin-c-organization:            1&1 Internet, Inc. - http://1and1.com/contact
admin-c-street1:                 701 Lee Road, Suite 300
admin-c-street2:                 ATTN: caffeinesecurity.com
admin-c-pcode:                   19087
admin-c-state:                   PA
admin-c-city:                    Chesterbrook
admin-c-ccode:                   US
admin-c-phone:                   +1.8772064254
admin-c-email:                   (removed to prevent spam)

tech-c-firstname:                Oneandone
tech-c-lastname:                 Private Registration
tech-c-organization:             1&1 Internet, Inc. - http://1and1.com/contact
tech-c-street1:                  701 Lee Road, Suite 300
tech-c-street2:                  ATTN: caffeinesecurity.com
tech-c-pcode:                    19087
tech-c-state:                    PA
tech-c-city:                     Chesterbrook
tech-c-ccode:                    US
tech-c-phone:                    +1.8772064254
tech-c-email:                    (removed to prevent spam)

bill-c-firstname:                Oneandone
bill-c-lastname:                 Private Registration
bill-c-organization:             1&1 Internet, Inc. - http://1and1.com/contact
bill-c-street1:                  701 Lee Road, Suite 300
bill-c-street2:                  ATTN: caffeinesecurity.com
bill-c-pcode:                    19087
bill-c-state:                    PA
bill-c-city:                     Chesterbrook
bill-c-ccode:                    US
bill-c-phone:                    +1.8772064254
bill-c-email:                    (removed to prevent spam)

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