My Letter to a Spammer

I decided to take the time to notify one of the businesses which has been spamming my blog with comments that I'm just not going to take it anymore.  Here is the letter in full.  Note that the company name is being withheld because I don't want them to get any more web traffic from my blog.


This is to notify you that an unsolicited advertisement for your business was recently posted on my blog, Caffeine Security.

Please note that as a computer professional, I take spam seriously and it will not be tolerated.

Due to a recent increase in spam on my blog, I have implemented a new Terms of Use which I encourage you to review.  In short, any future unsolicited advertisements for your business will be subject to a $500 comment processing fee for each link posted.  Because your unsolicited advertisement was posted before this Terms of Use was in effect, any pre-existing advertisements are not subject to this processing fee.  However, all future unsolicited advertisements will be subject to this processing fee.  Third party advertising services and automated applications posting these comments on your behalf are considered your "agent", and accept these terms on your behalf.  If you do not wish to be subject to this fee in the future, I highly advise you discontinue unsolicited comment advertisements on blogs immediately.  If these advertisements are being posted by a 3rd party advertisement service, the recommended course of action is to notify this advertisement service immediately to discontinue unsolicited advertisements.


Caffeine Security

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