An Open Letter to @ChaCha Regarding Copyright Infringement

UPDATE: ChaCha was VERY helpful with this, and resolved the issue right away! Stay classy ChaCha!

This evening I stumbled on something a little disturbing.  ChaCha has answered the question "How do I save a picture from SnapChat on a droid?" word-for-word with text from my own blog post on the subject.

As such, I have submitted the following letter to ChaCha.


I happened across the answer to "How do I save a picture from Snapchat on a Droid?" tonight, and I'm a little upset. The answer is directly copied from a post on my blog

In accordance with Fair Use, I would like to request that should you wish to continue to include this content word-for-word from my blog, that you also include a link to the source blog post I feel this would be a win-win for both of us, and we won't need to worry about getting your legal department involved.

I eagerly await your response within 10 business days.


Caffeine Security

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