The NSA's Guide to Internet Research

The NSA recently released on their Declassification and Transparency page "Untangling The Web - A Guide to Internet Research".

This 642 page document contains search techniques and tips for everything from basic search fundamentals to "Google Hacking" and even how to find information on the "Invisible" internet.

Now before you begin reading the document - be aware it is a bit outdated, as it was released in 2007.  However, the document not only provides excellent insight into general advanced search techniques, but also serves as a glimpse of what kind of web research is performed by the NSA. 

Some of the best search advice I've ever seen.

One of the more interesting pieces of the document I found was the Google hacking section, most of which is still relevant today.

Sensitive files can be very revealing.
You can download the Untangling The Web directly from the NSA's website.

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