OpUSA Failure Shows Anonymous is Past Their Prime

There have been indications of this for quite a while now, but I think it's time someone finally came out and said it.

Anonymous is losing steam, and quickly dying.

That's right, Anonymous is quickly becoming an obsolete part of a forgotten era of the Internet.

OpUSA promised to be a major cyber threat against the United States Government and major banks.  Websites such as FBI.gov, Whitehouse.gov, and Bank of America were the key targets.

The actual damage? (per http://security.radware.com/Threats-Attacks/opusa/)

  • An alert system which was being decomissioned by the Honolulu Police Department
  • A Blood Bank
  • Embassy of Cape Verde in the US
  • ...and a handful of low-traffic websites which most people have never heard of.
So what happened? Simply put, most of the "smart" hackers in Anonymous have already been arrested, or have realized that prison orange does not look good on them.  Compound with this the fact that members of Anonymous now know that their organization has been compromised by terrorist groups and law enforcement alike, many members of Anonymous are now most likely finished with the group's illegal activities. A quick look at number of news headlines about "Anonymous Hacker" shows the group has definitely gone past their prime, and may soon be going the way of the dodo, at least for their hacking activities.

How much longer will Anonymous hacking groups last? Based upon current trends they may still be around for a while yet, but gone are the days where Anonymous should be considered a serious threat.

Instead, after the failure of OpUSA, they're now probably the laughing stock of the Internet.

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